Latest TikTok Trending : Salt Challenge

A latest TikTok challenge has become viral on the web , which is worse than PUBG or the Skull Breaker challenge,
This TikTok challenge, widely mentioned because the ‘Salt Challenge’, sees teens pouring salt directly into their mouths to down their throats. Several videos of teens and adults taking over the challenge are going viral on social media. Many experts has warned that it can have terrible side effects, resulting in stroke, fatalities and lot more.

In one video, TikTok user Landon poured an enormous amount into his mouth, before spitting it out and gagging. The user captioned his video, “Someone else do this “.

A TikTok user has shared a video of the current trending ‘Salt Challenge’ with the caption, “Just being professional at work. Should I try a cup of salt?”

Another TikTok user called Jonathan, attempted the challenge and captioned his video as, “Salt challenge! This was disgusting.”

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