PUBG Mobile : Vikedi Will Be Back

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Vikendi map is coming back. PUBG Corp. announced the return of Vikendi in the week and said it’d be allowing a get group of players to experience the reworked map first before it gets its wide release. The remake of the map will have railroads and trains that coast along the rails, but that’s just the beginning of what’s changed within the reworked Vikendi with other parts of the map modified for players to become familiar with .

A preview of the new Vikendi map was shared in the week to point out it off to those that have an interest in trying it or those that will need to wait until the complete release. The developer said it’s been performing on revamping the map since its departure.

We’ve given a number of Vikendi’s landmarks a revise, modifying weather, terrain, towns, updating Dinopark and adding new trains. PUBG Corp. said about the reworked map.

A video was shared to point out what the new Vikendi seems like alongside a fast rundown of the key changes to the map, all of which may be seen below.

Key Map Changes

New railroads and trains are added across Vikendi
A large portion of snow has been removed
Dinopark has been expanded to Dinoland
Modified towns and terrain
Abbey has been relocated to Mount Kreznic
Tovar, Movatra were removed.

For those that are a part of the PUBG Partners program, you’ll be ready to try the map before anyone else. A test is currently underway for PUBG Partners and can run throughout the weekend to point out off the map.

The map was previously faraway from the rotation when the Karakin map was added, but PUBG Corp. always said its removal was only a short lived one. PUBG Corp. said previously it saw tons of potential for what Vikendi could become after it had been worked on some more.

“Performance, spawn scale, and even buildings were all places with room for advancement, a number of which we already attempted but we feel we will still do better,” PUBG Corp said before. “That said, while Vikendi is on vacation we’ll be getting into and doing a much bigger revamp of the map than we’ve previously done. When it’s time for it to return back, there’ll be many new stuff for you to explore and luxuriate in .”

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